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Великолепный сайт. Один из немногих где можно получить полную и исчерпывающую информацию обо всем и обо всех
always loved your work, great job and a very nice site ! your perception is impressive !! take care :)
Corz lepsze foty :)Pozdrawiam
Great job.I\'m very impressed by your images.
Love your site and your photographs in toto. Complimenti
Hey Chris!!! Congratulations - this is so wonderful, to finally see your new web site. It looks fantastic - Of Course!!! With all my best wishes, christian
Came across this link on, and was very impressed. Keep up the nice work, Krzysiek!
amazing and wonderful work - i am inspired, and hope to visit again to see more!
SO! What can I say?! :) I was waiting and now I'm happy to see you works here! I like what you do, like your style! Respect!
Creative,sensitive, humorous, intriguing. Fantastic - I look forward to seeing more. Best wishes sara
Krzysiu, congratulations on putting this huge project togehter -- your photographs deserve their own space! I am sure this won't be my last visit here -- you have so many gems (the portrait with fishes, the night shot of a german shepard and a lady, most of the shots from various works folder and of course, the Warsaw train station shot are incredibly good!). Really exciting stuff and I am looking forward to more, i'm sure it's coming :0) mvs
heeeeeeeeeeeeey viva!!!!!!! :)))) im so happy for your new portfolio !!!! :)))its so wonderful to see your sooooooo beautiful, sensitive and surreal photography in such a great place !!!!! ((((((((((((((((((((: congratulations 1000!!!!!!
Oh my, oh my- how happy I am to see your fantastic website! Your work is beyond sublime and superbly diverse......stories within stories within stories. It is an experience to view each one and sense your profound creativity,awareness, and originality!
Splendid site. Very professional site work and wonderful collection of images. I look forward to more visits from time to time.
At last your guestbook is online so I can write how much I love your artistic photography. I’ve been coming back again and again to look at this original and beautiful collection of work grow… following your creations and experimentations over time and never ceasing to be delighted. That twang of surreal, the emotions, and… yeah Vive la Difference! Such an intelligent and crazy cool vision. Am looking forward to seeing much much more in future. Bravo.
glad to be the first person to sign into my genius photographer very own web site. keep working with your brilliant mind and eyes. your friend, fili.

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